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[[File:{{{filename}}}.pdf|thumb|200px|“{{{title}}}.” Download [[Media:{{{filename}}}.pdf|the PDF]], [[Media:{{{filename}}}.midi|a MIDI rendering]], or [[Media:{{{filename}}}_tune.ly|the LilyPond source]] and [[Media:{{{filename}}}.ly|its wrapper file]] (and see also tunes from LilyPond).]]

“{{{title}}}” is a {{{tunetype}}}.

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For tunes or songs that have LilyPond source files.

| title=The Sample Tune
| titlesort=Sample Tune, The
| origin=imaginary
| tunetype=jeel
| subtype=superfast jeel
| key=A mixolydian
| composer=Some Guy
| filename=sample_tune
| altname=The Simple Tune
| altname2=Sampletown
| thesession=123
| wikipedia=The_Sample_Tune
| digitrad=54322
| mudcat=6411
| musicbrainz=52d24891-c4ca-47d1-af68-a178c3bc603a