Langstrom’s Pony

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Langstrom’s Pony.” Download the PDF, a MIDI rendering, or the LilyPond source and its wrapper file (and see also tunes from LilyPond).

“Langstrom’s Pony” is an Irish jigin A mixolydian.

Alternate names

  • A Draught of Ale
  • Farrell’s Pipes
  • The Fourpenny Girl
  • Grania’s Welcome Home
  • The Langstern Pony
  • Langstern’s Pony
  • The Langstrom Pony
  • Langstrome Pony
  • Langstroms Pony
  • Langstron’s Pony
  • Lanxtrum
  • Lastrumpony
  • The Priest’s Leap
  • Saddle the Pony
  • Treasure Cave

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