South Australia

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“South Australia” is a sea chantey.

Alternate names

  • Bound for South Australia
  • Rolling King
  • Ruler King

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Liner Notes

South Australia” is track 15 on Shower Chanteys, recorded 15 and 28 August 2018 at Mill Pond Music Studio.[1]

This may be the most Folk Revival-ist and least traditional song on the album (except maybe the weird version of “Highland Laddie,” but that’s from a primary source). Read the Mudcat thread linked above, or at least the posts from “Gibb Sahib” (Dr. Gibb Schreffler of Pomona State College). I learned this version at the San Francisco chantey sing, and understood it to be a pumping chantey (the only kind with “heave away, haul away”), but there’s a very good case to be made that the version everyone sings now has drifted significantly from its roots as a work-song. The lyrics I do are mostly from Hugill,[2] though see Gibb’s comments about the authenticity of Hugill’s words and assertions. Colcord’s version is a little older,[3] while Smith’s version seems to be the first notated. Smith’s is clearly the same song, but significantly different.[4]

As I mentioned elsewhere, one problem with doing all the vocals myself is that if I want to double a line, an octave apart, then I have to pitch the lead a little high or a little low. On this track, I went for a little low… and it didn’t quite work.[5] So I re-recorded the lead a couple of weeks later, and it came out a bit better.[6]


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